Supporting Documents

September 25th 2020 E-Brief

An increasing risk of family violence during the Covid-19 pandemic: Strengthening community collaborations to save lives

April 3rd 2020 E-Brief

Structured Decision Making Safety Assessment

March 27th 2020 E-Brief

Ramsey County Children and Family Services Child Protection Triage Recommendations

March 13th 2020 E-Brief

Summary of Letter from Dr Kathryn Piper Senate File 3692/House File 4385

Testimony Kathryn Piper to Legislative Task Force on Child Protection on Senate File 3692/House File 4385

Victor Vieth letter for Minnesota Legislature Child Protection Task Force

March 6th 2020 E-Brief

Hennepin County Child Protection Citizen Review Panel

February 21st 2020 E-Brief

Social Worker and Cost Chart

Child Welfare Revenue Sources by Calendar Year

January 31st 2020 E-Brief

Department of Human Services 2018 Child Maltreatment Report key statistics

January 17th 2020 E-Brief

Deshaney v. Winnebago Cty. Soc. Servs. Dept

January 10th 2020 E-Brief

Appellate Court finding on Eric Dean case

December 13th 2019 & November 15th 2018 E-Brief

Hughes Rycus et al Issues in Differential Response

October 18th 2019 E-Brief

Appellate Court finding on Eric Dean case

Minnesota Fatalities and Near Fatalities from Child Abuse and Neglect Reported by Media, May 2017 to March 2019

September 20th 2019 E-Brief

Final Settlement A Better Childhood Hennepin County

Summary of provisions of Hennepin County class action lawsuit

September 6th 2019 E-Brief

HF 0499 Child Protection Training Academy

July 12th & 19th 2019 E-Brief

Louisiana Legislative Auditor: Child Welfare

May 3rd 2019 E-Brief

Children's Services Expenditures by Revenue 2012-2018

March 15th 2019 E-Brief

Summary of SF 2283 to implement Governor's Child Protection Task Force

February 15th 2019 E-Brief

Birth to 8 Collaborative Initiative - Dakota County Public Health Department

January 25th 2019 E-Brief

Family First Prevention Services Act

November 8th & December 7th 2018 E-Brief

Minnesota Fatalities and Near Fatalities Chart

September 14th 2018 E-Brief

Child Well-Being Advisory Committee: Chair’s Report to the Hennepin County Board

July 27th 2018 E-Brief

Looking to the Future: An Agenda for the Children's Bureau's next 100 years

May 24th 2018 E-Brief

Letter from Dr Lisa Hollensteiner on child protection case New Year's weekend 2015-16

August 18th 2017 E-Brief

Foster children and placement stability: The role of child care assistance

August 11th 2017 E-Brief

Do early care and education services improve language development for maltreated children?

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