Watch Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Maltreatment

Recorded Webinar


October 14th




Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is on a mission to end family violence. He is an author, educator, researcher, and public speaker, as we as the CEO/Founder of Campbell Research and Consulting, which utilizes unique data sources and a multi-disciplinary perspective of violence in the home to detect and prevent Child Abuse, Pet Abuse, and Domestic Violence.

Andrew will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on child maltreatment and original ideas for addressing it.


Andrew Campbell

Noted Family Violence Expert and Author, Educator, Researcher, and Public Speaker

Andrew Campbell is an expert on domestic violence and the associated risks of harm for adults, children, and animals residing in homes where this violence occurs. Utilizing cutting-edge data analysis and a unique perspective on violence in the home, he provides education for agencies across the country and assists in developing more efficient and effective community responses to physical and emotional violence. Andrew’s several recent publications in major academic journals include his analysis of nearly 10,000 first responder reports and observations from the scene of domestic violence incidents and are the first in academic literature to use law enforcement data to quantify risk of harm/injury in this manner.​​

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