Watch Webinar: Ericca Maas and Close Gaps by 5

Recorded Webinar


September 16th




Ericca Maas

Ericca Maas is the Executive Director of Close Gaps by 5, a nonprofit organization formed in 2016 to promote the use of targeted high quality early education to address Minnesota’s worst-in-the-nation achievement gaps.

Ericca will talk about the key role that organization has played in promoting early childhood education in Minnesota, including its early work on establishing a rating system for quality child care and its current contributions to increasing the number of early learning scholarships for at-risk children.


Ericca Maas

Executive Director at Minnesota non-profit Close Gaps by 5

Ericca is on a mission to ensure that Minnesota’s system of early care and education strategies and investments fully prepares all young children — particularly those living in poverty — to enter kindergarten with the cognitive, social-emotional, physical and language skills they need for success in school, life and career. Close Gaps by 5 does this by advocating for a system that includes: Parent Aware Ratings, which give parents information about early care and education program quality and support program quality improvement; and Early Learning Scholarships, which provide low-income families with resources to access the quality program of their choice.

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