Watch Webinar: Child Protection in the Time of COVID-19

Recorded Webinar


September 30th




Marie Cohen

Marie Cohen is a child advocate and writes the blog Child Welfare Monitor, which does deep dives into stories, trends, and research that relate to child protection and foster care.

Marie will discuss the inventory she compiled of creative approaches that states and counties have developed to identify victims of child maltreatment who are hidden from view by the coronavirus.


Marie Cohen

MPA, MSW, Child Advocate, Researcher and Policy Analyst

Marie K. Cohen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Harvard University, a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University, and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland. After a career as a policy analyst and researcher, Marie obtained her Masters in Social Work in 2009. She worked as social worker in the District of Columbia’s child welfare system for five years. She left in January 2015 in despair at how the system seems to have many priorities that are higher than the welfare of children. She decided to start a blog to write about these problems. She also became a member of the District of Columbia Citizen Review Panel for child welfare and Child Fatality Review Commission.

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